Saturday, April 14, 2007

11A. Mr. Pitcarin

11A. Mr. Pitcarin

Eric Deskin

Eric and Claudia Deskin on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. "We were in Kansas City unitl 2 years ago. Then we were in Charlotte NC until last New Year's. Now we're in Brockville Ontario which will be our long term home.

See Claudia's paintings at

Stanley Hartt

Stanley Hartt, daughter Heather, her husband Peter and son Scott. Wait, which one is Stanley?

George Nagy

George Nagy (Ph.D. Electrical Engineering). To learn more, go to

Nicholas Florakas

Nicholas and Elizabeth Florakas taken in Florida.

George Xistris

George Xistris (Ph.D. Naval Enginering) and his wife Sylvia in their Town of Mount Royal home.

Frank Miller

Phil Good and the late Frank Miller, electrical engineer, in Frank’s apartment in Brisbane

Steve Roessler

Steve Roessler, CEO and electric engineer, with Phil’s wife Dorothy in a botanical garden on Grand Cayman.

Hershel Silverstone

Volunteer fireman Hershel Silverstone, civil engineer, rtd. (rht), and Phillip Frey Good, author and mathematical statistician (lft).

Hershey plans to spend the summer of 2008 in Quebec, while Phil has just come back from the Antarctic

Freshmen Latin

Can you identify these people?